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draw like you dance

someone so magnificent shouldn't be so cautious

stain boy
25 December 1985
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I am

admirer, anarchist, artsy, bear lover, big sister, blessed, brunette, butch-liking, cat lover, chubby, complex, creative, crip, cuddly, cute, eclectic, fabulous, fat femme, faux queen, female-assigned, feminist, femme, femme-liking, fey, flamer, friend, full of love, gay-curious, gay-friendly, gender euphoric, girl lover, girlfag, grrl, hairy, happy, heteroqueer, huggy, intelligent, interested, introvert, multifacetted, nerd, odd, omnisexual, out-ish, pan-romantic, pansexual, pansy, passive, peopleemotional, peopleplatonic, peoplesexual, polyflexible, polysexual, polysnuggler, privileged, pro-choice, pro-gay, queer, queer femme, queer liberationist, queer-minded, queerly straight, queersexual, quiet, radical, right-brained, same gender loving, same sex different gender oriented, sassy, self-defined, sensitive, shy, sissy, snuggly, sparkly, straightly queer, survivor, switch, theater fag, trans-friendly, transfeminist, trustworthy, understanding, versatile, weird

Who are you?

natalie dee

access intimacy, accordions, adhd, affection, alone time, anarchism, andrea dworkin, anti-pornography, armpit hair, arthritis, autoharps, bacon judaism, bad puns, baking, beards, bears, being happy, being silly, big noses, blackadder, bpal, british comedy, bromance, buffy, busking, butches, campy musicals, cats, cephalopods, chest voice, chocolate, chronic lyme disease, comfort, comics, coming, consent, cooking, cooperation, coping mechanisms, crafting, creating, cuddling, dance parties, dancing, disability justice, dit, diy, dorchester, dr who, drag queens, drawing, dresses, dykes, epic cheese fatties, etsy, executive dysfunction, exploring, eyeliner, family, fat positive, feminist housewives, femmes, friends, frolicking, garlic, gender, ginger, girly mixed drinks, glasses, glitter, good people, greek food, hangouts, harmonies, harry potter, healing, herbal tea, hip hop, hippie shit, homoerotic subtext, hugs, ignoring stupidity, interdependency, introvert liberation front, intuition, invisible disabilities, irish accents, joy, kale, kissing, knee socks, knitting, laughing, making out, mediterranean cheek kissing, mineral makeup, mix tapes, mlp: fim, music, nature, nerdy things, neurodiversity, non-fiction, nonmonogamy, not wearing pants, nutella, obscure references, orgasms, pegging, performing, platonic love, pondering, posi, punk rock, pwnage, queer men, queerness, queers, radical feminism, reading, red hair, selective sobriety, self-employment, sensory issues, sewing, sharing, shiny objects, social justice, southern accents, soy free, sparkly things, statuing, stories, strap-ons, tattoos, text, the figure, the old-fashioned way, the perfect red lipstick, the young ones, trees, trying, urban hiking, warmth, winning at life, words, zines